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CMS Reception in Davos 2020: Luisa Neubauer



CMS in conjunction with Germany’s leading weekly newspaper Die Zeit, hosted its annual reception in Davos on 22 January. This year the topic was “Challenges and Business Opportunities in the World of Tomorrow”. The event included an introduction by Pierre-Sébastien Thill, Chairman at CMS and an exclusive discussion with Werner Baumann (Chief Executive Officer of Bayer) and Oliver Bäte (Chief Executive Officer of Allianz). Laura Rudas (Executive Vice President Strategy of Palantir Technologies) provided insights into how data will drive many of the strategies businesses will adopt to navigate change in the future. Additionally, climate activist Luisa Neubauer discussed the impact of climate activism.

In this episode climate activist Luisa Neubauer shares her vision on the climate crisis. According to Neubauer, if we want to find a solution to the climate crisis, we “need people to act, to work together, that’s the only way… we need very smart collaboration, we need very smart solidarity, even.” She adds: “I wish we could find a more realistic way, a more rational way to deal with the crisis situation. The risk, scientists say, is as high as it was when they were about to drop nuclear bombs – this is where we are. This is not being apocalyptic but realistic.”

Length: 10:20 minutes

Source: CMS

Type: Conference Recording

Language: English

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