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GDPR: What's old?


Since last month we have the final text of the EU General Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR') and do we know what the rules look like that will enter into force in 2018. Much of this is however the same as what we already have in the EU Data Protection Directive ('95/46'), which forms the basis of the current data protection lawsof the EU member states. As a consequence, much of the legal theory and practice as it has been developed to date will remain relevant also under the GDPR.

In daily practice, we have noticed that it is therefore useful to be able to make quick switches between the texts of GDPR and Directive or, if applicable, the Dutch data protection act Wbp, and have developed a little tool for that. We are happy to make this GDPR Comparison Table available for anyone interested in or dealing with privacy law.

Data Protection - Comparison GDPR-Directive-Wbp - NL_b.pdf
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