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Tokenized Assets: Purpose Built Asset Token Blockchains



Jochem Gerritsen, Director of Infloat, is specialised in tokenomics, tokenized business models and security tokens. In this podcast Jochem will discuss whether there is a need for blockchains that are specifically built to issue security or asset tokens. Currently most tokenized securities are being issued on the available public, permissionless blockchains. To issue a fully compliant security token though, two contradictory attributes have to be guaranteed. On the one hand securities cannot be issued anonymously, because companies have to know who their investors are and the tax authorities should be able to trace back the ownership trails of the securities. On the other hand you do not want to disclose everything about investors on a publicly accessible blockchain, the (financial)privacy of investors has to be protected. Do we need a technology that supports both these aspects?

This podcast was recorded during the Tokenized Assets conference in Amsterdam. Did you enjoy this podcast? Or do you want to access other recordings of this conference? Please visit our podcast channel and use the subscribe button to stay up to date on legal content.

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