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Tokenized Assets: Regulation in the USA - Reg A+



Gordon Einstein, who is a partner at Cryptolaw Partners, will be speaking about the U.S. regulation on STO's and ICO's. In the passionate talk Einstein gave at the tokenized securities event, he managed to cram an entire course of U.S. securities law into a one hour lecture. He starts his lecture by giving an insightful overview of the different types of securities and their respective requirements following from the securities regulations in the U.S.. After that he will share his views on how the regulations should be applied to tokenized securities and what, according to him, is the best way to issue tokenized securities in the U.S. If you are considering to issue security tokens in the U.S., or want to learn about U.S. securities regulations, there is possibly no better start than this keynote by Gordon Einstein.

This podcast was recorded during the Tokenized Assets conference in Amsterdam. Did you enjoy this podcast? Or do you want to access other recordings of this conference? Please visit our podcast channel and use the subscribe button to stay up to date on legal content.

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