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CMS Kluge’s Start-up Help

CMS Kluge has an extensive expertise and experience in assisting start-up companies. We are aware that the initial phase is particularly tough. The revenue flow is not yet in place, and means are limited. At the same time, there is an essential need for professional consulting. Rights must be secured, agreements must be entered into, companies are established and key personnel are engaged. There is a lot to keep track of while developing a business, and at the same time, the development of the technology requires full attention.

As a helping hand, CMS Kluge created the Start-up Help. CMS Kluge works closely with Håmsø Patentbyrå (Patent agency), which is contributing - where applicable - to the initial feasibility studies in relation to patent-, design- and trademark applications. Together, CMS Kluge and Håmsø offers a unified approach in order to safeguard your company's most important assets at an early stage.

The Start-up Help is currently being upgraded, and we will therefore initially only accept applications for entrepreneurial assistance in connection with selected workshops - where our lawyers are lecturers - until the upgraded version is launched. If you urgently need assistance, please contact one of our contact persons listed on this page.

Enquiries about the Start-up Help