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Clients come to CMS Oman as a result of our experience with dealing with telecommunications and technology regulation, including our close relationship with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

We have advised TMT clients on regulatory and commercial issues in Oman and across the Middle East for a number of years. Through our work we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and risks faced by TMT businesses, supporting and advising on highly complex and strategic domestic and multi-jurisdictional matters, both of a contentious and non-contentious nature.

Sector convergence coupled with the rapid spread of new technologies has opened up a wealth of opportunities in your industry and you must move swiftly to capitalise on them. To stay ahead of the competition and to stay within the confines of the regulatory framework, you need to spot and pre-empt legal difficulties before they arise. Our clients range from multinationals and major domestic companies to high growth businesses, start-ups and their investors. From M&A to investment and financing, to licensing and product liability, from intellectual property to employment and environmental issues, from network sharing to outsourcing, our multi-disciplinary teams can help guide you towards the most commercially successful outcome.

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High­lights of ex­per­i­ence in TMT in Hun­gary
RTL Group on sig­ni­fic­ant, stra­tegic ad­vis­ory work re­lat­ing to the core op­er­a­tion of the group in Hun­gary, in­clud­ing com­plex me­dia reg­u­lat­ory, com­pet­i­tion, tax, re­struc­tur­ing and IP ad­vice.Liberty Glob­al...
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UAE Cent­ral Bank Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion Reg­u­la­tion: A new era in per­son­al...
This brief­ing sum­mar­ises the com­pre­hens­ive data pro­tec­tion re­quire­ments which now ap­ply to all Cent­ral Bank-li­censed fin­an­cial in­sti­tu­tions op­er­at­ing in the UAE. The UAE Cent­ral Bank Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion...
Some leaks can­'t be fixed
“Con­fid­en­tial in­form­a­tion is like an ice cube... give it to the party who has no re­fri­ger­at­or or will not agree to keep it in one, and by the time of the tri­al you have just a pool of wa­ter.” This...
Data pro­tec­tion and cy­ber­se­cur­ity laws in Oman
Data pro­tec­tion 1. Loc­al data pro­tec­tion laws and scope   2. Data pro­tec­tion au­thor­ity   3. An­ti­cip­ated changes to loc­al laws   4. Sanc­tions & non-com­pli­ance   5. Re­gis­tra­tion / no­ti­fic­a­tion /...
United States Sen­ate passes Anti-Dop­ing Le­gis­la­tion
On 16 Novem­ber 2020, the United States Sen­ate passed le­gis­la­tion that would al­low the pro­sec­u­tion in the US of dop­ing of­fences at in­ter­na­tion­al sport­ing events in which Amer­ic­an ath­letes, spon­sors, or...
Pro­tocol for On­line Case Man­age­ment in In­ter­na­tion­al Ar­bit­ra­tion
As ar­bit­ra­tions are be­com­ing in­creas­ingly glob­al­ised, with par­ti­cipants loc­ated across vari­ous jur­is­dic­tions, parties are con­stantly look­ing for ef­fi­cient ways to com­mu­nic­ate and share doc­u­ments and in­form­a­tion...
Leg­al guide for com­pany dir­ect­ors and CEOs in Oman
BREAK­ING: Coronavir­us (COV­ID-19) con­sid­er­a­tions for dir­ect­ors 1. What are the key is­sues for dir­ect­ors dur­ing the COV­ID-19 crisis? A large num­ber of sec­tors have been heav­ily im­pacted by the COV­ID-19...
Pub­lic Es­tab­lish­ment for In­dus­tri­al Es­tates’ Re­cent De­cisions
Re­cently the Pub­lic Es­tab­lish­ment for In­dus­tri­al Es­tates (“PEIE”) is­sued two de­cisions. The first de­cision (De­cision No 168/2020) amended some pro­vi­sions of the reg­u­la­tion of tenders by PEIE and the...
AI in Life Sci­ences
Ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence is not new: the term it­self was coined over 60 years ago. However, the con­ver­gence of data volume, pro­cessing power and tech­nic­al cap­ab­il­ity has con­vinced many that the AI era...
E-Sig­na­tures in Oman and COV­ID-19 
Gov­ern­ment au­thor­it­ies all across the world are strongly ad­vising, and in many cases are even re­quir­ing, people to stay at home, so­cially dis­tance from one an­oth­er and avoid gath­er­ings to help put an...
Shar­ing is (S)caring
Scroll down to re­gister with the blue but­ton.Now mark­ing its 5th year, CM­S's In­ter­na­tion­al Tech­no­logy, Me­dia and Com­mu­nic­a­tions con­fer­ence gath­ers del­eg­ates rep­res­ent­ing the spec­trum of tech­no­logy, me­dia...
CMS in the MENA Re­gion
The Middle East is one of the world’s fast­est grow­ing eco­nom­ies. Pro­spects for the re­gion re­main up­beat with busi­nesses ad­just­ing to the ‘new nor­mal’ oil price, and growth in sec­tors such as Fintech...