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TMC – Technology, Media & Communications


Convergence, technological innovation, digital transformation and disruptive technologies constantly impact our society and pose a challenge to industry and people in the digital economy. They are also a great opportunity for companies in the development of their businesses. This complexity of challenges and opportunities requires a deep knowledge of the technological environment and the legal issues surrounding the digital economy and information and communication technologies. 

Our experience and knowledge in the different legal aspects of information and communication technologies allow us to give a complete, thorough and wide-ranging advice to our clients and deal with this changing environment. Our highly recognized specialists have the required legal skills, extensive experience and in-depth expert knowledge in the field to provide comprehensive, accurate and relevant advice, particularly in telecommunications and television law and regulation, Internet law and electronic commerce (Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, digital media, games, e-Mobility, social networks, big data, electronic signatures, artificial intelligence and cloud computing), advertising and media law, personal data protection and cybersecurity law, digital transformation (drafting and negotiation of agreements for IT, smart cities, software protection). 

In addition, the needs of customers in this sector are increasingly global. The Technology, Media and Communications team of CMS consists of more than 100 partners distributed in 42 countries, which allow advising on the launch of international projects, centralizing their management and allowing the client to have a single contact. 

Customers in this area are very diverse: large global telecommunications companies, leading companies in the world of electronic commerce, high-tech companies, content owners and traditional companies that want to have a specialized legal coverage in this sector.

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