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TMC - Technology, Media & Communications


Kenya has witnessed rapid growth in the technology, media and communications sector making it the regional leader in East and Central Africa. The country is ranked among the top three innovation hubs in sub-Saharan Africa and the global leader in mobile money adoption. Kenya also features an over 70% Internet penetration, access to regional and international markets, a vibrant start-up and innovation eco-system and a developed tech-supportive regulatory framework.

Globally and in Kenya, the technology and innovation market is characterized by fast-paced changes requiring innovative solutions that work within the current regulatory framework and beyond to anticipate possible future changes affecting market players. Therefore a venture must ensure that the risk and regulatory environment for a market such as Kenya are well understood and addressed.

Our team has operated in the Kenyan market, side by side with the development of the technology, media and communications sector. This has allowed our team to gain experience as the sector grew and has given us a keen insight in the regulatory framework for technology, media and communications from regulatory hurdles, licensing requirements and IP precedents to data protection, competition and favourable corporate and taxation structures. This has made us Inamdar the top choice for players in the sector players.

Our Clients range from multinationals, major domestic companies to high growth businesses, start-ups and their investors. Our local team of experts with support from our International team provide innovative and effective solutions tailored to meet our clients’ needs. 

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