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Designing energy markets

CMS has played an instrumental role as a key adviser to the electricity and gas sectors for over three decades. Our dedicated Energy Team has the unique distinction of having written many of the agreements, codes and rules that regulate electricity, gas, water and other utility sectors around the world. Our global experience of developing and implementing market rules and frameworks in many jurisdictions internationally has given us a keen understanding of what has and has not worked in practice, and puts us in an ideal position to anticipate the key issues that may arise on a project of this kind.

CMS has depth of experience in designing markets, with a particular strength in recent years on incorporating renewable energy into the designs. We have worked with clients including governments, single buyers, procurement entities, developers, investors, financiers, operators, off-takers, retailers and the supply chain on hundreds of renewables projects across the globe, which gives us a key insight into what each of these stakeholders requires. We routinely advise on the detail of renewable support regimes, from market design through to the day-to-day interpretation of operational schemes.

Selected relevant experience includes advising the following:

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Munir Hassan
Munir Hassan
Head of the CMS Energy & Climate Change Group
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Public sector procurement of renewables, IPPs and IWPs


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (2019-ongoing) on its support for the Ukrainian authorities in developing and implementing a competitive auction mechanism for renewables. Our role involves implementing a competitive procurement process taking account of regulatory environment, renewable energy targets and market context, drafting the rules of the auctions, all the tender related documentation and key documents such as the power purchase agreements. 


Azerbaijan Ministry of Energy and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (2019 – ongoing) on designing and implementing their first auctions for renewable energy in Azerbaijan. 


The Government of Malawi (2016-2018) on the preparation of tender rules and documentation for the competitive public procurement of a pipeline of renewable and thermal power projects in Malawi, including reviewing all key policy documents and the industry code and drafting a separate renewable grid code. 


Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (2017-ongoing) on the design and first implementation of a new more flexible IPP procurement process for Oman which will include multiple technologies, sites, new and existing plant. We have also advised OPWP in relation to procurements of waste to energy and natural gas IPPs and various IWPs.


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (2019-ongoing) on the introduction of private sector participation in the electricity market in Egypt, including support with the drafting of key regulations and contracts for IPPs.


Romanian Ministry of Energy (2018-ongoing) on potential options for the design of a support mechanism for “low-carbon” generation in Romania, based on a Contracts for Difference design, including the impacts of different support scheme designs on the wholesale market and on consumers.


Albania Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Energy on the preparation of tender schemes and documents, bidding process scheme, terms of reference and the draft concession contract for one of the largest hydropower projects (400MW) in Albania.


The Federal Electricity & Water Authority of the United Arab Emirates (2005-2006) in relation to the participation of the private sector in power generation and water production and supply in the UAE, including designing a new legislative and regulatory structure.


The Morocco Office National de L’Electricité in relation to the introduction of a competitive bidding process for the Jorf Lasfar, Kenitra and Mohemmidia Power Stations in Morocco.