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Insurers and reinsurers, as well as brokers and insured persons, operate in an unpredictable environment. From day-to-day tasks to strategic planning, accountability and conflict resolution, the regulation that governs the insurance market is complex and abundant.

The CMS Grau insurance team advises national and international insurance companies operating in Peru in the organization and supervision of insurance activity, the launching and distribution of insurance products in the Peruvian market and regulatory issues, as well as in the approval of insurance contracts, claims, preparation of condition documents, mergers and acquisitions, corporate affairs, tax issues and commercial issues.

Our professionals have worked closely with the insurance industry and therefore have an excellent understanding of the complexity of the market as well as an ability to face the toughest challenges. The insurance practice at CMS Grau has provided advice to several leading insurance and reinsurance companies such as Generali, Mapfre, La Positiva, Secrex, and Atlas, among others. Our lawyers are also active members of the Defendant's Office of the Insured, an independent national court promoted by insurers to provide an alternative dispute resolution mechanism comprised of leading industry experts with unquestionable reputation and ethics.

In addition, in the case of national and cross-border conflicts, the presence of our 100 insurance experts in 39 countries enables us to advise and guarantee the best results, adapting to the commercial interests of our clients to protect them in local and international markets.

Our lawyers join their insurance expertise in multidisciplinary teams to provide answers in areas such as:

(a) Litigation and claims;
(b) Insurance arbitration;
(c) Mergers, acquisitions and other corporate matters;
(d) Regulatory issues;
(e) Drafting of policies; and
(f) Taxation.


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