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Dispute Resolution

At present, companies are facing increasingly complex conflicts, finding themselves involved in litigation of diverse nature: civil, commercial, financial, administrative, constitutional, and criminal, among others.

In view of this, CMS Grau has established an area of Conflict Prevention and Resolution, characterized by bringing together an interdisciplinary team made up of lawyers with wide and recognized experience in litigation at the judicial and arbitral level.

Our counseling includes a preventive strategy towards the conflict with a view to solve the problems of our clients in the shortest time possible. In the context of the dispute, our counseling includes the design of an efficient procedural strategy and representation throughout the judicial or arbitration process, with a view to achieving a successful outcome for our clients´ interests.

The team is characterized by its interdisciplinary approach that includes specialists in complex and specialized sectors such as environment, energy, mining, public contracting, among others. Likewise, CMS Grau guarantees an active, committed and personalized counsel not only in the capital city, but also in the different provinces of Peru, and internationally.

CMS Grau has a team of high-quality professionals with a prestigious reputation in the market. Whenever we ask for advice, they are always prepared to provide us with it.

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CMS Grau is highly rated by clients for its ‘great expertise, constant availability and quick response times’.

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