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Corporate Restructuring & Insolvencies

CMS Grau has sound experience in matters related to merger and acquisition operations, debt refinancing, reorganization procedures, preparation and negotiation of reorganization plans, exit strategies, bankruptcy settlements, extrajudicial reorganizations, cross-border insolvencies and international bankruptcies.

Our team has a versatile practice of ​​Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law that provides clients with advice during all stages of a bankruptcy proceeding, whether potential debtors or creditors. Our team advises clients on different strategies to reorder the financial situation of their companies, including providing guidance and analyzing bankruptcy scenarios to make the best decisions before entering the process, during its development and after procedural termination or exclusión.

Our team also has the experience providing legal advice clients on cross-border takeovers and insolvencies, something that is very much needed in our globalized world.

Our experts counsels companies in different areas of business, such as mining, textiles, retailing, and hydrocarbon and construction companies.

CMS Grau's Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law team participates in the most important bankruptcy processes in Peru and has also collaborated with the Peruvian government to improve the Peruvian bankruptcy system, which provides our team the comprehensive knowledge and experience that our clients require.

The firm was very committed to our case and were very good at understanding the unique situation we were in. CMS Grau performed a comprehensive analysis of the issue and determined the best course of action for us as a company.

Chambers Latin America 2022 | Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Highly regarded department garnering recognition for advising on bankruptcy and debt restructuring mandates. Represents a range of clients in debt refinancing, provides advice regarding bankruptcy proceedings and assists bankrupt entities with the liquidation of their assets. Also experienced handling exit strategies and distressed M&A transactions. Strengths: Clients mention: "We are more than satisfied with the quality of services and the professionalism of the department's lawyers, who are always ready to give a quick response to our queries."

Chambers Latin America 2018

CMS Grau has a diverse practice with expertise in bankruptcy, insolvency and liquidation matters. Michelle Barclay heads the team, and is routinely involved in debtor and creditor work for both private companies and public entities work. Recent highlights for Barclay include representing Depositos Quimicos Mineros in Doe Run Perú’s bankruptcy process – senior associate Francisco Barrón and associate Daniela Camacho assist her on the case. The team also has expertise in distressed M&A, debt refinancing and reorganisation proceedings.

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