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Energy & Climate Change


The members in our practice have extensive experience in the oil & gas sector having worked not only as external consultants but as in-house lawyers for transnational oil companies as well as in the sector's regulatory entities. This experience allows us to provide counseling that is not only sound from a legal standpoint, but is also always practical and the most appropriate for our clients considering the extensive business knowledge that we have gathered. In oil & gas we have experience advising companies in the exploration phase, in development and production, transport and distribution of natural gas concessions, refineries, storage terminals, service stations and lubricant commercialization, including all the contracts associated to these businesses, including those associated with the regulated activities of transport and distribution of natural gas, supply and transportation of natural gas contracts, contracts for the use of pipelines, EPC contracts, license agreements, concession contracts, and all else related to the business, from the extraction of the hydrocarbons in the fields, all the way to its commercialization. Also, we have vast experience in the management of permissions and authorizations, liberalization of property and legal defense in administrative disciplinary proceedings.

The lawyers specialized in the electricity sector have also worked for important contracting companies and in the Ministry of Energy and Mines, with an excellent handling of the business during its generation, transmission and distribution phases, for both traditional sources and renewable energies, including all regulatory and contractual aspects associated with the electricity business.

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    We provide specialized legal advice in the electricity sector, both to companies private and public sectors, accompanying our clients in each of their activities, whether of generation, transmission or distribution of electricity.

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    Oil & Gas

    The CMS Grau Oil and Gas practice is characterized by its knowledge of the sector and of the needs of the client.

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    November 2019
    CMS Re­new­ables guide
    22 Jan 20
    Oil & Gas/Ship­ping - Time bars and sup­port­ing doc­u­ments in de­mur­rage...
    In Tankreederei GmbH & Co KG v. Marubeni Cor­por­a­tion (the “Amalie Ess­ber­ger”) [2019] EWHC 3402 (Comm), the Com­mer­cial Court de­cided that the Own­er of a Ves­sel was not time barred from bring­ing a de­mur­rage...
    11 Sep 19
    Leg­al Re­port N° 125
    20 Nov 19
    Oil and Gas / Ship­ping: The leg­al rem­ed­ies for breach of a re­strict­ive...
    Sum­mary In Priy­anka Ship­ping Lim­ited v. Glory Bulk Car­ri­ers Pte Lim­ited (the “Lory”) [2019] EWHC 2804 (Comm), the Com­mer­cial Court was asked to con­sider the rem­ed­ies avail­able to ad­dress a breach...
    Julio 2019
    Reg­u­la­tion of En­vir­on­ment­al Pro­tec­tion in the Elec­tric...
    19 Jul 19
    Po­s­eidon Prin­ciples and re­spons­ible ship fin­an­cing
    On 18th June 2019, 11 banks with col­lect­ively over $100bn in as­sets and rep­res­ent­ing nearly 20% of the glob­al ship fin­ance signed a glob­al frame­work agree­ment, called the Po­s­eidon Prin­ciples. These are...
    May 2019
    Lat­in Amer­ica Quarterly En­ergy Up­date
    May 2019
    18 Apr 19
    BARE­CON - The Im­port­ance of Class
    In the re­cent case of Sil­ver­burn Ship­ping (IoM) Ltd -v- Ark Ship­ping Com­pany LLC [2019] EWHC 376 (Comm), the High Court ruled that an ob­lig­a­tion in a charter­party to keep a ves­sel in class is both an...
    15 May 19
    Min­istry of En­ergy and Mines stand­ard­izes the Cri­ter­ia...
    Vice-min­is­teri­al Res­ol­u­tion N° 007-2019-MEM/VMH
    15 Mar 19
    Law sides with cli­mate change against coal
    Min­ing com­pany, Gloucester Re­sources Lim­ited (GRL), ap­pealed to the Land and En­vir­on­ment Court of New South Wales, Aus­tralia, against a min­is­teri­al de­cision to re­ject its ap­plic­a­tion to de­vel­op and op­er­ate...
    17 Jan 19
    Su­preme De­cree N° 002-2019-EM
    14 Mar 19
    Ship­ping and car­bon: EU and IMO sys­tems to align
    On 4 Feb­ru­ary 2019 the European Com­mis­sion (EC) tabled a pro­pos­al con­cern­ing the amend­ment of Reg­u­la­tion (EU) 2015/757 on the mon­it­or­ing, re­port­ing and veri­fic­a­tion of car­bon di­ox­ide emis­sions from mari­time...