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Experts in cross-border corporate and M&A advice

Over 1,400 Corporate/M&A experts collaborate across 45 countries globally to create a one-stop shop with seamless advice for multijurisdictional transactions. Our top internationally recognised lawyers provide practical and business oriented solutions.

Local experience and global perspective

Sector focus is in our DNA, making our corporate team leading advisors in buy/sell and mergers & acquisitions transactions in key economic sectors such as mining, energy, real estate, commercial and healthcare, going through all phases of negotiations until the deal closes.

We have participated in Peru's largest ever acquisition of shares and rights for more than USD 6 billion, as well as advising on one of the largest and most important deals ever undertaken in the electricity sector.

What we do differently

With our exceptionally strong focus on innovation and creativity, we not only focus our advice on the now, but also anticipate problems, as we represent a future facing firm.

We have efficiently developed and implemented a working methodology that reviews in detail all regulatory, environmental, sectorial and other relevant aspects of a transaction. We ensure that there is always an effective tax planning, and that all labour sensitive aspects are verified.

We work hand in hand with auditing, financial, social, community relations and, in the case of natural resource transactions, environmental consulting specialist. We are convinced that only by working in coordination with all the actors involved in a transaction can give the optimal result that the client expects.

How we can help

Among the transactions in which we have participated, the following stand out:

  • The takeover bid (TOB) of the control of Embotelladora Latinoamericana S.A. ELSA (for the Coca Cola Company in Peru), by advising Coca-Cola Embonor of Chile.
  • The expansion program of shopping malls and retail shops of the Falabella Group through the purchase of assets and companies.
  • The purchase of the largest home improvement chain in Peru.
  • Advice to Nabisco (today Mondelez) on the purchase of one of the most important Peruvian companies in the food sector.
  • Advice to Shell in the sale of the downstream business line to Primax, as part of the implementation of the fuel trading business in Latin America through a macro distributor. We also counseled Exxon Mobil on a similar operation.

Natural resources:

  • The sale of Teck Cominco and Marubeni's majority stake in the Cajamarquilla Zinc Refinery.
  • Advice to the Sumitomo Corporation on the purchase of a stake in Cerro Verde, the acquisition of 100% of the shares of BHP Billiton Tintaya S.A. in favor of Xstrata, an operation of USD 750 MM.
  • The acquisition by Chinese Consortium Zijin (the largest gold company in the world) of 89.9% of Monterrico Metals for USD 200 MM through the AIM of the London Stock Exchange for the development of one of the largest copper projects in the world.
  • Counseling to Mitsubishi Corporation on the purchase of a stake in the Quellaveco project.

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Bank­ing and Fin­ance Cor­por­ate / M&A
CMS Grau has a multi-dis­cip­lin­ary team con­formed by ex­perts from all prac­tice areas and sec­tors. We have broad ex­per­i­ence provid­ing spe­cial­ized ad­vice in loc­al and in­ter­na­tion­al trans­ac­tions in...
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