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Data, Digital and Cyber Security Lawyers

With an explosion in smartphone adoption and rapidly-improving technical infrastructure, Asia-Pacific is undergoing a digital transformation, powered by new technologies. These developments present enormous opportunities for businesses – but also present new legal and commercial challenges.

For example, cyber attacks, data security and system integrity represent a very real danger to business – across all industries and sectors. Cyber is no longer a “tech” issue to be dealt with by the IT department: it is now a board level issue and should be treated as such. Meanwhile, the lack of regulatory consistency across jurisdictions and the fact that, in some jurisdictions, relevant regulations predate the internet, add an additional layer of complexity.

The CMS team brings a commercial approach to these new challenges, leveraging deep industry expertise to advise organisations, industry bodies, regulators and governments on law and regulation across Asia-Pacific. Whether it is how to level the "tilted playing field" between the digital disruptors and the incumbents, or how to facilitate wider access to financial services through fintech, our lawyers understand the digital and regulatory landscapes and have extensive experience of delivering practical solutions.

The team consists of dedicated data lawyers with international experience and insight . Our data lawyers have significant experience in advising governments and government related entities on high profile data intensive projects and on the risk associated with such projects, being attuned to the sensitive nature of the data handled by government. Our data lawyers have also been influential in helping shape data legislation, including through participation in consultations with governments and data regulators. 

A team of respected thought leaders in the field, we lead several industry groups, including the International Institute of Communications in Singapore and the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association in Asia, regularly liaising with industry and governments on matters relating to the digital landscape.

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