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Capital Markets

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Legal questions regarding capital markets are of concern to investors and issuers alike. At the same time, the ever-increasing number of new EU directives and their implementation under domestic law means that the raising of capital is an increasingly complex issue. This makes our deep and comprehensive expertise in this specialist field particularly relevant, expertise which we have accumulated over many years, both in debt/equity and derivatives transactions.

With offices in 34 countries, CMS handles highly complex global capital market transactions on a daily basis. Our clients include Austrian and international banks, investment banks, issuers and listed companies, as well as financial intermediaries such as investment firms, investment funds and financial institutions.

With our expertise and advisory services covering the full spectrum in this field, we can help your company safely navigate its way through capital markets transactions. In addition, we set up a team of specialists for each project that combines local market and industry knowledge with an international perspective as well as expertise in associated legal fields such as tax or corporate law.


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