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Your Trusted Legal Partner in the World of IT, Telecom, and Technology

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In the ever-evolving landscape of IT, telecom and technology, CMS Wistrand stands as a trusted legal partner, providing comprehensive advice on the myriad of legal aspects associated with IT and technology related matters. Whether you are considering engaging a third party for the development of your e-commerce platform or navigating the complexities of app solutions, cloud services, AR, VR, IoT, AI, 5G, digitization, automation, robotization and data analysis or any technology related matter, our expertise spans the entire spectrum of the IT and telecom sector.

Your expert in a world of IT and telecom

In today's knowledge society, having a clear strategy for protecting investments in technology and knowledge-related assets is paramount. CMS Wistrand understands the significance of safeguarding modern technology and media from unauthorized use, and we provide strategic advice to ensure the protection of your intellectual property. 

Our clients range from Swedish and international groups to start-up companies and our advisory services cover a wide array of areas within the IT & telecom, technology and media sectors, including:

  • Outsourcing/managed services and other ASP solutions
  • Digitization projects
  • Agreements regarding licensing, transfer, and acquisition of technology
  • Development agreements
  • Service deliveries (as-a-service-agreement)
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Distribution and collaboration agreements
  • Transactions
  • Procurement of systems (hardware and software)
  • E-commerce solutions, including terms for electronic commerce, website usage, and cookies
  • Digital media
  • Internet and e-commerce issues
  • State licenses and licenses within the radio/television and telecom sector
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other issues regarding data protection and integrity
  • Software and other IP licensing
  • Transactional advice
  • Media agreements
  • Other regulatory issues
  • Dispute resolution

Partner with CMS Wistrand for strategic legal counselling in the dynamic and multifaceted IT, telecom and technology sectors, where our experienced team provides tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and challenges.