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13 October 2016
CMS Poland launches law competition for students
27 Oct 16
The Role of Energy Clusters and Stores in the Powe...
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Commission gives guidance on local public support measures that d...
On 21 September 2016, the European Commission adopted five decisions on the financing of purely local activities that fall outside the scope of State aid rules. A public support measure can only qualify as State aid under European law if it affects or threatens.
13 October 2016
CMS Poland launches law competition for students
26 Oct 16
CMS Capital Markets and Private Equity Business Mi...
Likelihood of confusion in just one part of the EU, EU trade mark...
On 22 September 2016, the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) rendered an interesting judgment in case C‑223/15 regarding the question whether if a court finds that the use of a sign creates a likelihood of confusion with an EU trade mark in only.
12 October 2016
CEE Merger Clearance Matrix
19 Oct 16
CEE Forensic Conference
Compliance and forensic (internal) investigations
Is a Russian court competent to resolve an investment-related dis...
Summary On 5 August 2016, Russian businessman and former co-owner of the Lithuanian Bank Snoras, Mr. Vladimir Antonov, filed a claim against the Republic of Lithuania (represented by the Ministry of Justice) for an amount exceeding 40 billion Rubles (more than.
7 October 2016
CMS advises freight forwarding family business
05 Oct 16
Webinar: Brexit Management Intellectual Property
An EU and UK perspective
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European Commission publishes a study on minority shareholdings f...
Background On 14 October 2016, the European Commission published a “support study” prepared at its request to inform its review of the EU Merger Regulation (EUMR) relating to minority shareholdings.
30 September 2016
Amendments to the EU personal data protection law
New challenges and opportunities for business enti...