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The law on private ac­tions for com­pet­i­tion dam­ages enters in­to force
On 27 June 2017 the law on private ac­tions for com­pet­i­tion dam­ages entered in­to force. The new reg­u­la­tions in­tro­duce in­to Pol­ish law pro­vi­sions of the EU Dam­ages Dir­ect­ive (2014/104/EU), which fa­cil­it­ates the private en­force­ment of com­pet­i­tion law by mar­ket.
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Im­ports of or­gan­ic products now sub­ject to EU elec­tron­ic cer­ti­fic­a­tion...
From 19 Oc­to­ber 2017, use of the elec­tron­ic Trade Con­trol and Ex­pert Sys­tem (“TRACES”) will be­come man­dat­ory for all im­port­ers of or­gan­ic products from out­side of the EU. Or­gan­ic im­ports may only be placed on the European Single Mar­ket if they are covered by.
10 July 2017
Monaco law firm joins CMS
The Re­cast EU In­solv­ency Reg­u­la­tion be­comes ef­fect­ive today
Since May 2002, we have had a re­gime which en­sures that an in­solv­ency pro­ceed­ing star­ted in one of the EU’s mem­ber states is, without fur­ther form­al­ity, re­cog­nised in all oth­er mem­ber states (ex­cept for Den­mark) and which de­term­ines the law ap­plic­able to such.
10 July 2017
CMS Po­land ap­points a new head of En­vir­on­ment­al prac­tice
The Ju­ly edi­tion of our Com­mer­cial Con­tracts Bul­let­in con­siders a...
Al­gorithms and Col­lu­sion – the de­bate by the OECD Com­pet­i­tion Com­mit­tee
On 16 May 2017, the Sec­ret­ari­at of the OECD made avail­able a back­ground note about “Al­gorithms and Col­lu­sion” that was at the centre of the de­bate by the OECD Com­pet­i­tion Com­mit­tee on 21-23 June 2017.
7 July 2017
CMS ex­pands real es­tate team in Po­land
European Com­mis­sion in­vest­ig­ates po­ten­tial ex­cess­ive pri­cing of life-sav­ing...
On 15 May 2017, the European Com­mis­sion opened a form­al in­vest­ig­a­tion in­to the pri­cing of medi­cines. [1] The Com­mis­sion is in­vest­ig­at­ing wheth­er As­pen Pharma has been im­pos­ing ex­cess­ive pri­cing that con­sti­tutes an ab­use of dom­in­ant po­s­i­tion in vi­ol­a­tion of European.
In­ter­act­ive Guide to On­line Gambling Reg­u­la­tion in...
Cash pool­ing en­ables cor­por­ate groups to min­im­ise ex­pendit­ure in­curred...
The Court of Justice of the EU held that the Bel­gian gen­er­al pro­hib­i­tion...
On 4 May 2017, the Court of Justice of the EU answered sev­er­al pre­ju­di­cial ques­tions sub­mit­ted by the Bel­gian tribunal of first in­stance re­gard­ing the ad­vert­ising of the ser­vices of dent­ists. In this judg­ment, the Court held that the Bel­gian le­gis­la­tion im­pos­ing.