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Portrait of Bruno Fonteyn

Bruno Fonteyn

Senior Associate

CMS DeBacker
Chaussée de La Hulpe 178
1170 Brussels
Languages French, Dutch, English

Before joining CMS De Backer’s Public Law department in October 2008, Bruno worked for five years as legal counsel for the National Council of the Order of Physicians.

He specialises in Health law, including regulatory matters, hospitals, medical equipment, medical experiments, bio banks and other Life Science matters. Furthermore, he acts in the areas of constitutional and administrative law.

Bruno is a member of the Ethical Committee of a University Hospital, where he delivers legal opinions on medical experiments and ethical matters.

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Memberships & Roles

  • Legal adviser to the National Council of the Order of Physicians (2003-2008)
  • Member of the Ethical Committee of Erasme Hospital - ULB since March 2008
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  • Comments about « Ziekenhuizen, mededingingsrecht en recht op kwaliteitsvolle zorg” (D. Fornaciari, S. Callens et E. Schokkaert), B. Fonteyn, J.T., 2010, p. 707
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  • “Het Elektronisch Medisch Dossier: uit wettelijk en deontologisch standpunt bekeken”, co-author with Prof. Dr. Michel Deneyer en Prof. Dr. Etienne De Groot, De Praktijkjurist XV, Story, Conferentie van de Jonge Balie te Brugge, 2009, p. 1
  • “L’Ordre des médecins et la procédure disciplinaire”,  co-author with D. Holsters, Le droit disciplinaire des Ordres professionnels (under P. Corvilain supervision), Formation Permanente CUP, 2004, vol. 74
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  • 2003 - Université Catholique de Louvain, UCL (Law Degree)
  • 2003 - University of Sherbrooke, Canada
  • 2008 - Bar admission (Brussels, Belgium)
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