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Webinar: Work smart, not hard | Bulgaria

Legal challenges of the modern workplace

Past event
13 February 2018, 15:30 - 16:30 UTC +01:00

Millennials, social media, fewer meetings, more apps – this is our new world: the world of the gig economy. How can HR face these challenges? CMS is here to help!

If you attended our webinar for Bulgaria and would like to come back to it, or you registered but could not attend it, or just found about it right now and you are interested in the topic, below we offer you a video recording.

You will learn about topics crucial to the gig economy: flexible hiring structures, flexible working-time arrangements and remote access. We also explored worker mobility, including secondments and business trips.

This series covered 23 countries and was led by CMS experts from the relevant jurisdictions. So, after you have watched your recording, we encourage you to expand your knowledge on the topic and view the ones from other jurisdictions to learn how the issue is dealt with there. Just click the link to the recording of your choice from the list and enjoy watching!

Each recording lasts around 45 minutes, covers one jurisdiction, and is presented in English.

Webinar recordings for other jurisdictions:

To learn about and register for our upcoming webinar series, click here. Should you be interested too in other topics in the Employment & Pension area, we offer you recordings in the webinar series called M&A: HR Do’s and Don’ts.

  • 13 February


Iveta Manolova
Maria Drenska