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Who’s Who Legal publishes “Thought Leaders Switzerland 2018”

Who’s Who Legal publishes "Thought Leaders Switzerland 2018"

Several of our attorneys have been awarded in the first edition of "WWL Thought Leaders Switzerland". The ranking has been published by Who’s Who Legal (WWL) and contains the leading legal practitioners in their respective areas of law.

As part of a Q&A, certain "Thought Leaders", including our partners Andrio Orler and Jodok Wicki, share their extensive experience in their practice area. The interviews with our two partners from Zurich and Geneva can be read here.

Thought Leaders Switzerland 2018 
The following legal experts from CMS Switzerland are among the "Thought Leaders Switzerland 2018":

Marquard Christen


Stefan Gerster

Construction and Real Estate

Andrio Orler

Corporate Tax

Sibylle Schnyder

Construction and Real Estate

Tobias Somary

Private Client

Clemens von Zedtwitz

Insurance and Reinsurance

Jodok Wicki

Product Liability Defence

Q&A with Jodok Wicki and Andrio Orler
In the interview with WWL, our tax expert Andrio Orler and our managing partner Jodok Wicki, specialised in the field of product liability defence, report on their experiences, current developments and challenges in their practice areas.

According to Jodok Wicki, "resolving disputes with multiple parties is always challenging". He explains in the interview that "each situation demands its own strategy. For instance, ensuring a uniform approach to multiple cases requires careful planning and oversight." Gaining the required technical understanding of the specific product and industry makes the work with his clients particularly interesting.

Jodok Wicki explains that "the technical development will clearly also have an impact on the landscape of product liability in Switzerland. Issues to consider will be, for instance, the trends towards increased use of artificial intelligence, the private use of robots, self-driving vehicles and nano-products." Read the full interview with Jodok Wicki.

“The pace of the developments in international tax is likely to remain high,” says Andrio Orler, “and will require international law firms to be more connected with their foreign offices to be able to provide a truly global service.” Clients with tax issues, according to Orler, can particularly rely on "an incredible international network of highly prepared tax specialists" of CMS. For Andrio Orler, this is a major asset in assisting clients with international exposure. Read the full interview with Andrio Orler.

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