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Doctrine and Knowledge Management

Knowledge management and dissemination at our law firm

Doctrine and Knowledge Management is at the heart of our culture

Our Doctrine and Knowledge Management teams are staffed by 30 professionals: partners, university professors, experienced lawyers, legal experts and archivists.

They are at the heart of our company culture, monitoring, analysing and synthesising all current and important legal issues, and support the spirit of innovation in law and taxation of the firm’s operational teams. They are in constant contact with public authorities, the French administration, European and international institutions, the marketplace’s principal economic and legal think tanks, and academic and scientific circles.

The role of our dedicated professionals is to:

  • Distribute and capitalise on knowledge internally;
  • Assist operational teams with their research and complex or new issues or disputes;
  • Manage strategic and legal monitoring;
  • Contribute to brainstorming;
  • Prepare analyses and legal positions for our clients;
  • Draft tax, legal and employment analyses. 

Specialist intelligence teams by subject matter:

Tax doctrine is led by:

Legal doctrine is led by:

Employment doctrine is led by :

It works closely with the laboratory for labour law at Université Paris II Panthéon – Assas, which consists of the leading professors in the discipline with whom the firm has signed a scientific partnership.

Further information about our law firm:

Our law firm is a leading international business law firm. Its deep roots, unique positioning and highly recognised expertise enables it to deliver innovative, high value-added solutions in all areas of the law.

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