Each year since 2010, our firm has organised the CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats DJCE Award  for the best future lawyers.

The top students who have taken post-graduate corporate law degrees (DJCEs)  in France are selected to work as a team on a business case study in collaboration with the firm's lawyers

The purpose of this award – which is not a competitive legal exam – is to assess students’ ability to solve a case study as junior lawyers would. The award also allows students to meet legal practitioners and experience a taste of their future careers.

The first part of the day is devoted to examining the case study, with the students divided into five teams of three. Each team then presents the results of its work to a panel of five partners.

Students are assessed on the following criteria:

  • the technical quality of their work;
  • the instructiveness and clarity of their presentation;
  • the ability to work in a team.

Each member of the winning team is awarded a cheque for €2,000 and offered a three- to six-month internship. 

This year, the students will be invited to our offices on 12 April 2019, with travel costs paid by the firm.

To take part in the 2019 edition, candidates must send a CV and covering letter to [email protected] by 7 March!


Charlotte Bittermann, 2015 winner, Nancy DJCE 

Participating in this award was very instructive, giving me the opportunity to test myself in a team with a case study organised under conditions similar to those experienced every day by lawyers.” 

Bastien Célié, 2016 winner, Montpellier DJCE

The CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats DJCE Award – a student prize showcasing professional skills! Sharing, team spirit, analysis and responsiveness are combined with tax, employment law, corporate, competition and accounting law. A real pleasure!


Nathan Kegler, 2016 winner, Strasbourg DJCE 

As well as a very rewarding and instructive experience, having the opportunity to participate in the DJCE Award was a springboard for me since it allowed me to join CMS Cabinet Francis Lefebvre Avocats during my final internship, before being offered a job.

marie saunier photo

Marie Saunier, 2016 winner, Toulouse DJCE

This excellence award gives selected DJCE students a chance to meet prestigious law practitioners as well as talented peers. For me, it has been an invaluable source of professional, intellectual and human interaction.

Photo Anaïs Caspar 1

Anaïs Caspar, 2018 winner, Toulouse DJCE

The CMS award is an opportunity, as a team, to take up a challenge spanning a range of legal disciplines, as similar as possible to issues encountered in the profession on a daily basis. Exciting meetings and discussions throughout the day help to make this experience a real success.


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