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The important reform of the section of the Civil Code concerning contract law (Ordinance of 10 February 2016 "reforming contract law, the general rules on obligations and on the proof of obligations") was published recently and comes into force on 1 October 2016.

Our lawyers are aware of the practical implications that this reform will have on professional practices and so they decided to launch Contralto, a mobile app specifically related to this reform. Whether you are clients, key partners, legal professionals or students, Contralto helps you navigate through this new legal environment.
Contralto, the app for contract law reform, is intuitive, innovative and tailored to your needs. Each modification made to the text of the reform is shown by a specific icon, which enables you to identify how important the modification is and the main impact that this could have on your practices. You can use the search engine to help with your searches.

Contralto enables you to:

  • connect the numbering of the old and new articles;
  • compare the old and new texts;
  • access the relevant extract of the Government report on the Ordinance for each article;
  • read an analysis of the type of changes made;
  • anticipate the modifications that will affect your contracts.
  • The information concerning the main modifications is provided by our doctrine department and our lawyers.

Once you have downloaded Contralto, you can choose to receive alerts about updates or additions based on our day-to-day activities and changes in our specialist fields.

Our lawyers are available to answer all your questions and their contact details can be found in the app.

This app is available on iOS and Android.

This app is available on iOS and Android.

>> Download the app from the App Store (iOS)
>> Download the app from Google Play (Android)