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Our firm’s tax intelligence department produces extensive documentation for its clients every year to inform them of major changes in regulations or case law, provide practical insight, and alert them of upcoming major tax deadlines.

This useful, selective documentation is provided in a variety of forms: Monthly Tax Report, Tax Study, Tax Calendar, Guide to Taxable Income, and Tax News Flash.

The Tax Intelligence portal gives our clients easy, personalised access to this paperless document output. It was designed and optimised for use on mobile devices.

Functionalities available on our Tax Intelligence portal:

  • access to all the tax news with comments from the firm's tax intelligence team;
  • access to a selection of tax-related articles published by the firm’s associates;
  • navigation by document topic or source;
  • keyword search using a powerful engine to narrow the results;
  • a system of customisable notifications by topic and frequency;
  • a view of the schedule and content of our tax conferences.

The Tax Intelligence portal is only available in French and reserved for clients of our law firm.

Take a look at images of our Tax Intelligence portal:

Tax Intelligence portal: how to access?

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Tax Intelligence within our law firm:

Our firm’s three intelligence teams are central to its culture: tax, legal, and employment. They consist of partners, university professors, and experienced lawyers.

They work with the Knowledge Management team to monitor, analyse and synthesise all current and important legal issues and to support the spirit of innovation in law and taxation of the firm’s operational teams. They are in constant contact with business organisations, public authorities, the French administration, European and international institutions, the marketplace’s principal economic and legal think tanks, and academic and scientific circles.

The seven-person tax intelligence team is led by Elisabeth Ashworth and Daniel Gutmann, partners.

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