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Africa: CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre is advising SOMDIAA in the context of the acquisition of a majority stake in Société Générale des Moulins du Togo


The CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Africa team is advising SOMDIAA in the context of the acquisition of a majority stake in Société Générale des Moulins du Togo (SGMT), located in Lomé near to the major, founding shareholders.

This transaction allows the SOMDIAA group to strengthen its presence and product range in the production and sale of flour and milling by-products. This will enable the Group to confirm its leadership position in the agri-food sector in Africa and for Africa.

SGMT is a company transforming wheat into flour and by-products (semolina, wheat germ, wheat bran, fine bran, course bran and sharps), with a grinding capacity of 420 tonnes/day. This company therefore joins the mills managed by the SOMDIAA group: SGMC in Cameroon, SMAG in Gabon and COGEDAL on Réunion.

This transaction increases the Group's total grinding capacity to 1,500 tonnes of wheat/day and the annual flour production capacity to more than 370,000 tonnes.

In 2013, the SOMDIAA group's mills produced almost 200,000 tonnes of flour, sold exclusively on local markets. Some of their by-products are also sold as animal feed – a rapidly growing sector.

"With this acquisition, the SOMDIAA group has taken a new step in developing its presence in Africa," says Alexandre Vilgrain, Chairman of the SOMDIAA group. "This transaction increases the importance of the milling sector in the Group's scope."

Building on this new positioning in West Africa, the SOMDIAA group is aiming for sustained growth on agri-food markets in Africa.

For this transaction, the Africa team of CMS Bureau Francis Lefebre which advised SOMDIAA comprised Pierre Marly, partner, Nicole Marielle, Benjamin Pech de la Clause, Diane Pallez and Rosine Blacky, associates.

SOMDIAA SA is a French organization, management and development company for food and agricultural industries. With a turnover of €388 million in 2013, over the last 15 years the group has become a leading expert in the agri-food industry in French-speaking Africa. SOMDIAA works in agri-food sectors (sugar, flour, cotton, aviculture, animal feed, etc.) supplying domestic markets located in French-speaking Africa and the Indian Ocean. SOMDIAA therefore plays an important role in food safety in the countries in which it is based.

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