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CMS BFL advises the Bernard Julhiet Group on its acquisition of Datiss


The Bernard Julhiet Group, a major force in the development and best use of Human Capital, has acquired Datiss, a company specialising in change management and project management within public and private organisations.

Through this acquisition, the Bernard Julhiet Group has strengthened its ability to give practical support to organisations engaged in a process of transformation and change. At the same time it has consolidated its links with the world of management research, enabling it to remain at the forefront of major trends and innovations in HR.

The Bernard Julhiet Group was advised on the legal aspects of this transaction by CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, through Christophe Blondeau, partner, and Thomas Bortoli, associate, of the Corporate team. The vendors were advised by the firm of Villemot, Barthès & Associés, through Catherine Barthès de Ruyter and Edgard Sarfati, partners.

About the Bernard Julhiet Group www.bernardjulhiet.com

For over 60 years, the staff of the Bernard Julhiet Group have been giving day to day support to companies and large public bodies in organising, evaluating, recruiting, developing and deploying talent, a fundamental element of their development capital. The Bernard Julhiet Group's ability to add value consists in its capacity to provide a wide range of services, coupled with a technological approach, so that its clients' performance and development goals can be achieved. Based in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence and Nantes, the Bernard Julhiet Group has an active network of partner organisations in Europe, the United States, South America and Asia.

About Datiss www.datiss.com

Since 1997, Datiss has been conducting reorganisations, IT project management, professional training and change management for major French and overseas organisations in both public and private sectors.

Datiss's unique identity is built on managerial innovation. It has developed real knowhow in that area, in terms of innovative responses to management issues. Its ability to add value lies in the way it has been able to form close links with the world of management research, and to publish numerous reference works on the subjects of change management, steering, assisting in the decision-making process, and management itself.

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