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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre advises the world bank of the french version of the PPP reference guide


The World Bank has just published the French version of the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Reference Guide, supported by the PPIAF (Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility).

The Guide is based on the 2014 PPP Reference Guide 2.0, which has been adapted for French-speaking emerging and developing countries and includes additional relevant case studies and bibliographic references. The Guide contains country-specific analyses of public service concessions, of the new laws on PPPs in Senegal and Morocco and of projects such as the third bridge in Abidjan and the electricity generation and distribution concessions in Cameroon and Ivory Coast.

The French version of the Guide is edited by François Bergère and a team headed by Fatouma Toure Ibrahima at PPIAF. The adjustments to take account of civil and administrative law in French-speaking civil-law countries have been made with assistance from Castalia, from Norema and from Jean-Jacques Lecat, a CMS partner and member of our Africa team. CMS is advising private sponsors and governments in francophone Africa on PPP development.

The Guide gives an overview of the various approaches to, and experience of, PPP. It is intended for people involved in PPP within government, the private sector and international institutions.

For more information go to https://ppp.worldbank.org/public-private-partnership/

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