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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre assisted Moulin de Sauret before the French Competition Authority


On Thursday, 26 March 2015, the French Competition Authority made a ruling (15-D-04) in a case involving an agreement between millers on a double concerted increase in the price of flour sold in bakeries in 2007. Of the twenty companies implicated at the end of the investigation, only three were ultimately penalised. CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre represented the interests of Moulin de Sauret.

In this case, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre was able to establish that the evidence used against Moulin de Sauret by the Competition Authority’s investigating officers was insufficient to prove that it was a party to an anti-competitive agreement. Consequently, the company was exonerated at the ruling stage.

Moulin de Sauret was assisted by Nathalie Pétrignet, partner, and Virginie Coursière-Pluntz, associate

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