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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre is enriching its offer in tax law


Rémi Gouyet, 40 year-old, is a holder of a magistère of business law, taxation and accounting, an international diploma of European tax law, he came first in DESS year [university post-graduate professional degree] of tax law at the University of Dijon (1994) then graduated from the University of Bourgogne [DEA -university post-graduate research degree- of legal and political science - core subject: private law -] (1995) before obtaining a Ph. D in tax law under Professor Maurice Cozian as a tutor. In 2006, he undertook a training course of computer programmer.

After having commenced his career at Arthur Andersen International in Lyon, he joined CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Lyon and created his own practice in 2005. Then he entered CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre on 1 October 2008. Within the Tax Department of CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre comprising 165 lawyers of whom 55 partners, Rémi Gouyet has the assignment to strengthen our activity of counsel in the area of tax law of computer techniques: tax audit of computerized accounts, data storage, electronic procedures and invoicing, dematerialization of public procurement procedures.

Through this new recruitment, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre shows its constant wish to support clients through all relevant and current developments having an impact on the tax system within an enterprise.

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