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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre joins forces with the Institut Open Innovation Chair at the Fondation Ecole Centrale Paris to support innovation and entrepreneurship


CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre announces its partnership with the Institut Open Innovation (IOI) launched by the Fondation Ecole Centrale Paris for CentraleSupélec. The Fondation Ecole Centrale Paris seeks to promote excellence in teaching and research, uphold the values of CentraleSupélec in France and worldwide, and of course assist the school in its major development projects.
CentraleSupélec, a state scientific, cultural and vocational institution, was founded in January 2015 through a merger of Ecole Centrale Paris and Supélec.

As a result of this partnership, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre provides support for research and for academic and vocational education by contributing to better understanding of challenges and issues facing collaboration and co-innovation between established businesses and start-ups. As such, it helps to:

  • develop skills, resources and programmes to promote innovation in IOI's fields;
  • teach students - including students in the ECP's Engineering, Master and PhD programmes - who will become business leaders, by raising their awareness of the strategic, technical, and economic challenges facing innovation;
  • share the open-innovation culture and partnerships between start-ups and major corporations.

"Today, we are very pleased to announce this new partnership with Institut Open Innovation of the Fondation Ecole Centrale Paris. Once again this illustrates our commitment to boost and support innovation and entrepreneurship in France," stated Hubert Bresson, the Partner who launched this partnership, and Florence Jouffroy, Marketing and Communication Director at CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre. Stéphane Parcheminal, IOI Director, added "We are also delighted with this partnership. It allows IOI to benefit from the renowned expertise of CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre in law and taxation both in France and abroad, thereby contributing to the success of our project."

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