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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, legal adviser to the founders of the Connecteo Group within the scope of the 49 % interest transfer in the Connecteo Group in Monaco Telecom


The funders of the Connecteo Group, satellite services, data and Internet provider to enterprises and mobile operators in Africa, have transferred 49% of interests in the Connecteo Group to the Monaco Telecom operator, subsidiary of Cable & Wireless.

Connecteo is present in six Africa countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Guinea, Niger and Senegal) and employs over 65 people. Holder of VSAT licenses in four countries and radio frequencies compatible with the WiMax standard in five countries, the Group lays out a complete range of data transmission and Internet access services in the geographic areas which are not served by a Wide Area Network (WAN).

The founder members of the Connecteo Group were advised by Pierre Marly, Bénédicte Bonnafous-Delmotte and Nicole Marielle, lawyers at the Africa Department of CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre.

Monaco Telecom's adviser was Frédéric Ichay, from IMA Practice.

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Pierre Marly, associate / Tel: + 33 1 47 38 56 10

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