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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Lyon advises Oger Investissements in a group acquisition

Following the recent acquisition of the Clinique du Grand Large by the Swedish Capio group as part of its joint Médipôle project with Mutualité in Villeurbanne, another investor has appeared, or rather reappeared, on the private hospital market in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Oger Investissement, owned by Jean-Louis Oger, the former chairman of Laboratoire Biomnis, former majority shareholder of the Tonkin and Sauvegarde clinics and current chairman of the Bio Access medical biology group, today acquired the Val d’Ouest and Part-Dieu clinics from its practitioners/shareholders and CM CIC Capital Finances (the minority shareholder).

This is unlikely to be a one-off as the purchaser's medium-term aim is to create a new private hospital group that will be a key player in the revamped regional healthcare system.

Clinique du Val d’Ouest has 300 employees and in 2015 generated €28 M in turnover.

Clinique de la Parti-Dieu has 26 employees and in 2015 generated €2.4 M in turnover.

Assisting the parties in the deal were:Oger Investissements - CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre of Lyon on legal, tax and regulatory structuring: Catherine Aigle (corporate partner), Valéry Brisson (tax partner heading the team), Yannick Francia (corporate partner), Laurent Stamm (corporate partner) and Daphnée Delburry-Bosset (tax counsel); and Mayer Brown on the acquisition (Jean-François Louit, Caroline Lan and Marion Bruers).

The vendors (the practitioners/shareholders and CM-CIC Capital Finance) are advised by Brignon Lebray et Associés.

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