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CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre’s Africa team advises Amethis Finance


CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre’s Africa team acted as advisor to Amethis Finance in relation to the acquisition of a 39% stake in Petro Ivoire.

With a network of 40 service stations and a gas storage infrastructure of 1,500 MT at the Port of Abidjan, Petro Ivoire is one of the leading distributors of petroleum and gas products in West Africa and the largest local player on the market. It has recently achieved a strong position in the rapidly-growing LPG segment.

Amethis’s presence alongside the founding family which runs Petro Ivoire and equity fund WAEMGF will stabilise the structure of Petro Ivoire’s capital and provide it with the support necessary for its future expansion.

Jean-Jacques Lecat, partner and joint director of the Africa department of law firm CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, who also chairs the Legal and Tax Commission of the CIAN (French Council of Investors in Africa) says: "The multidisciplinary nature of our specialist team in Africa, which has existed since independence of the African states, as well as its in-depth knowledge and excellent understanding of the economic and legal environment in French-speaking African countries, allows us to offer integrated solutions, combining legal audits and the drafting of contractual documents in accordance with national legislation".

CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre’s Africa team, which advised Amethis Finance and, in particular, Aurélie Pujo, Amethis General Counsel & Compliance Officer and Jean-Thomas Lopez, Investment Manager, comprised Jean-Jacques Lecat, partner, Nicole Marielle and Diane Pallez, lawyers.

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