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CMS publishes third-edition PPP Guide, remains “optimistic” about the future of PPP projects in Europe amid economic recovery


Leading European legal and tax advisor CMS has published its third-edition Guide to PPP in Europe, an in-depth guide to the current conditions for public-private partnerships (PPP) across 21 European countries including France. 

The Guide provides an overview of the current approach to PPP in each country, including relevant macro-economic commentary, its legal system and specific PPP-related laws including procurement laws, as well as essential information on the local financial markets.

PPP has shown itself to be a positive economic contributor in each of the 21 European countries reviewed in the Guide. “While different governments will use a variety of methods for delivering the totality of their infrastructure requirements, we believe that the economic constraints of governments make PPP a very attractive option and we remain optimistic about the future of PPP across Europe” said Frank Dufficy, Partner CMS (London) and Head of the CMS Infrastructure and Project Finance Group.

"In France, mainly as a result of the creation of specific instruments as part of the 2009 stimulus plan (payment guaranteed by the State, use of savings funds, adjustable financing, etc.), public-private partnerships have continued to expand. This rapid development will continue particularly in some areas, such as energy performance of buildings, and some sectors – such as universities in the scope of the Campus Plan or sports facilities, inter alia in anticipation of the Euro 2016. The “PPP in Europe” guide shows that the ever increasing use of this arrangement for public infrastructure projects forms part of a European phenomenon with varying levels of progress", highlights François Tenailleau, Partner in charge of public-private partnerships at CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre.

The 158-page Guide provides a chapter for each of the 21 countries including France (full list below), each authored by CMS experts based in the local jurisdiction with extensive experience of local market conditions. It will be useful for anyone interested in PPP in their own country, as well as the increasing number of investors exploring PPP investment opportunities across Europe.

“More and more investors and businesses in the PPP industry are looking beyond their local markets for development and investment opportunities,” explained Dufficy. “Our Guide helps bring together all the different approaches into a useful reference guide for anyone interested in PPP anywhere in Europe.”

The 21 countries covered in the Guide are: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the guide, please get in touch with Hélène Chalmeton, [email protected] – 01 47 38 42 64


CMS publishes third-edition PPP Guide

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