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Publication of the 2009/2010 Mémento Groupes de Sociétés

With the collaboration of Alain Couret, Ariane Beetschen, Bruno Gouthière, Lionel Lenczner, Jean-Yves Mercier, Bruno Zabala


Multidisciplinary Guide (legal - fiscal - social), this Mémento (Mémento Pratique collection, EFL) is an exhaustive analysis of specific rules applied to groups of companies.

The Mémento Groupes de sociétés sets out the rules applied to groups in :

  • Company law:
    conditions of formation of the group,
    situation of directors and company members,
    relations between companies of the group and the third parties…
  • Taxation:
    tax system of integrated or non-integrated member companies,
    situation of directors and company members,
    impact of restructuring operations.
    A broad place is left to international taxation.
  • Employment law:
    Impacts of a group membership on individual and collective labour-management relations,
    employee saving,
    redundancies and restructuring within company groups.

Resolutely practical, it gives you patterns of documents and the most usual examples of legal schemes peculiar to groups of companies.

The 2009-2010 mémento "Groupes de sociétés" has been drafted together by the editorial staff of Editions Francis Lefevre, and, among others: Anne Charvériat, honorary lawyer, Christine Clément, lawyer, and Alain Couret, Bruno Zabala, Ariane Beetschen, Bruno Gouthière, Jean-Yves Mercier and Lionel Lenczner (CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre)

For further information, please contact :
CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre
Florence Jouffroy / Tel: +33 1 47 38 40 32
Laetitia Mostowski / Tel: +33 1 47 38 40 74

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