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CMS Francis Lefebvre Lyon Avocats assists Oger Investissements in its acquisition of Groupe Clinique Saint George


After its recent acquisition in June 2016 of the Clinique du Val d’Ouest group and the Clinique de la Part-Dieu in the Lyon region, Kantys SAS (a subsidiary of Oger Investissement, whose Executive Chairman, Mr Jean-Louis Oger, was previously head of Biomnis and Labazur laboratories) is continuing its expansion via a major deal in the PACA region with the acquisition of Groupe Clinique Saint-George through its new subsidiary, Kantys PACA.

Groupe Saint George, located in the Nice region, is a leading player in all areas of medical practice, covering almost all types of surgery, medicine, obstetrics/gynaecology, functional re-education, recovery/follow-up care, and psychiatry.

The group is made up of the Clinique Saint George, the La Serena convalescent home, the Clinique Saint Antoine, the Atlantis convalescent home and the Clinique Les Trois Solliès psychiatric clinic, with a consolidated turnover of €100 M.

Mr Brincat, its current Executive Chairman, will continue to head the group.

With Oger Investissements’ ambition to create a new private hospitalisation group that will play a major role in the revamp of national healthcare, it is certain that this deal will not be the only one they make.

As part of this deal, the parties were assisted by:

  • Kantys SAS by CMS Francis Lefebvre Lyon Avocats for Structuring acquisitions (Valéry Brisson, Laurent Stamm, Daphnée Delbury-Bosset, and Laurine Lavergne), CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats for financing (Gregory Benteux and Estelle Legrand), the law firm Cabinet Poisvert (Maître Cédric Poisvert) for the regulatory aspects and Ernst & Young Audit for the financial audits.
  • LCL, Leading financing partner, by the firm Depardieu Broca (Christophe Gaillard, Thibaut Lechoux, Priscilla Van Den Perre)
  • Assignor (family shareholders and practitioners) by the business bank Natixis Partners (Manuel Lasry), the law firm Wagner-Willm (Isabelle Willm) and Mr Jean-Claude Collomba for the legal and tax aspects.

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