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Supporting your real property projects


The growing complexity of regulations and caselaw requires an excellent grasp of the issues, risks and rewards attaching to each stage of property investment, and each stage of occupation and exploitation of property assets.
From a legal point of view, the increase in litigation which has been seen suggests that more and more rigorous advance planning is required on the part of all those operating in the field, especially in relation to drafting contractual documentation.

Additionally, the relationship of lessor and lessee is formed and put into practice with ever-increasing thoroughness.

From a tax point of view, those involved in the market must take in the continuous development of the regulations, particularly those relating to capital gains, as well as the development of specific tax regimes (such as SIIC and OPCI in France) which, on the one hand, offer property owners the possibility of externalising assets at a lower tax cost and, on the other, offer investors the ability to use competitive French legal vehicles which respond to various different strategies and management systems.

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Supporting your real property projects