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International Tax Planning


Our tax team has acquired a significant experience in advising in relation to the income deriving from international transactions including the activity carried by Italian companies wishing to expand their activities abroad and foreign investors looking into investing in Italy.  Our team of experts is constantly involved in assisting on all fiscal related issues and for the planning of convenient  and long lasting investment schemes and more generally suggest the best way forward in order to minimize the tax burden.  Our assistance also involves the evaluation of the taxable income, the definition of international  dividends, interests and royalties on cost sharing agreements, on CFC regulations, on tax avoidance rules and on hybrid financial structures in order to be able to assist any client requirement. In addition to this, our transfer pricing experience is far reaching.

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The New Do­mest­ic Defin­i­tion of the “Arm’s Length Prin­ciple”
De­cree n. 50/2017 (entered in­to force on 24 April 2017 and to be im­ple­men­ted with­in the next 60 days) mod­i­fies art. 110 sec­tion 7 of the Cor­por­ate In­come Tax Code by in­tro­du­cing a new do­mest­ic defin­i­tion...
Im­port­ant changes to Itali­an Trans­fer Pri­cing Rules
De­cree n. 50/2017 (which entered in­to force on 24 April 2017 and has to be im­ple­men­ted with­in the next 60 days) in­tro­duced im­port­ant im­prove­ments to Itali­an trans­fer pri­cing rules, with par­tic­u­lar ref­er­ence...
Trans­fer Pri­cing | A stra­tegic ap­proach for glob­al busi­ness per­form­ance
As shown by the re­cent works at G20, OECD, European or UN level, mul­tina­tion­al en­ter­prises (MNEs) have to ad­apt to rap­idly chan­ging leg­al and eco­nom­ic en­vir­on­ments:le­gis­la­tions and prac­tices evolve con­stantly...
Fin­an­cial Trans­ac­tion Tax in Italy
Tax Plan­ning In­ter­na­tion­al European Tax Ser­vice
09 May 2008
Tax­pay­er Pro­tec­tion and Tax Policy
24 April 2008
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