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Consumer Products


Advice on Moroccan consumer law

Increased power to protect consumers in Morocco 

As a logical outcome of the profound modernisation of Moroccan business law, the recent implementation of a new Consumer Code reinforces distributors’ obligations towards their customers. With the increased consumer protection (particularly against abusive commercial practices), the legal and regulatory framework in force guarantees consumers a right to information, a right to choose, a right to withdraw, a right to be listened to and represented and a right to defend their economic interests. As a business trading in Morocco, it is important to be more vigilant and potentially adjust some of your practices before marketing and promoting your products and services. Our legal advisors are experts in the field and can assist you in this vital step of securing your commercial activities. 

Protect yourself against the risks related to consumer law 

Contractual commitments to a consumer (e.g. disclosure obligations, unfair terms, contractual effects, dispute settlement), consumer and real-estate loans, direct marketing, distance selling, compliance and safety of products and services, unfair or misleading commercial practices, advertising and promotion, bonuses, lotteries, tied sales, sales at reduced prices, store-wide sales, deferred payment, etc. – the scope of Moroccan consumer law is vast and littered with risks. Whatever your sector and the nature of your activity, our specialists can intervene at every stage of your project: 

  • development of your marketing and distribution strategy; 
  • audit of your business practices and the compliance of your contracts and procedures; 
  • definition and drafting of your general terms and conditions of sale and your contracts; 
  • advice on the design of your advertising and promotional materials, both above-the-line and below-the-line; 
  • advice and support in the event of legal disputes.  

We understand your challenges and are committed to providing you with effective and pragmatic advice, systematically supporting your ambitions and objectives in compliance with consumer law in Morocco. 

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