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Insolvency & restructuring

Advice on Moroccan insolvency law   

Anticipating and preventing risk  

Payment default by a major customer, contract cancellation, accident, unsustainable payment delays, lack of financing options – many Moroccan companies find themselves in struggling each year, threatening to bring down their suppliers in a domino effect. The long awaited reform of Moroccan insolvency law was finally implemented in 2018, completely overhauling Book 5 of the Commercial Code dedicated to collective proceedings. This reform serves a structural purpose, giving companies the opportunity and the time to overcome their difficulties and avoid bankruptcy. Risk anticipation is therefore at the heart of a new legal mechanism benefiting affected companies. Given what is at stake, expert legal support is required at the earliest possible stage. 

Protect your interests under all circumstances 

Whether you are an insolvent or bankrupt company or a creditor, shareholder or partner of such a company, a portfolio manager or a turnaround specialist, our legal advisors specialising in this field can offer you their expertise.  

They work with you proactively to: 

  • Make the most of the current legal and regulatory framework, 
  • Identify the most efficient solutions to enable you to address the difficulties encountered, 
  • Protect your interests in the event of any litigation or amicable dissolution or winding-up procedures. 
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