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Morocco has historic relations with European countries, which were strengthened by the signature of the Association Treaty with the European Union in 1996, and is the second largest economic power in Africa.

Morocco is a major power in the Mediterranean basin given its culturally open-minded outlook, political stability and dynamic economy. Many foreign investors have established solid commercial bases and production units in Morocco. They are attracted by its flight hub, technological progress and the quality of its workforce, combined with low production costs and investment incentives, consequently sustaining continued economic growth. Moreover, it is ideally located geographically for North-South and South-South trading.

Given these reasons, CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats decided in the 1950s to advise and assist foreign companies with interests in Morocco. The firm has a 100% subsidiary called Conseil juridique et fiscal. This office is run by a partner from CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats and is comprised of a team of around ten law and tax experts who speak French, English and Arabic and have graduated from French or Moroccan law schools.

CMS Francis Lefebvre Maroc Conseil juridique et fiscal has developed real local expertise and is a credible representative with the authorities. 

Our services 

We offer investors full advisory services for their projects for which we have a complete understanding of the legal, tax, customs and exchange control aspects. We advise clients from all business sectors and have developed specific sector-related expertise particularly in tourism, property, services (offshoring, outsourcing, etc) and industry. Moreover, our membership of the CMS alliance of independent European law firms enables us to provide clients with legal and tax advice provided by leading specialists from 50 locations. We accordingly assist our foreign clients in their country of origin and in their host country, Morocco. 

Our expertise

Assistance with setting up business in Morocco optimising investment strategy and selection presenting optimum tax and customs setups and selecting preferential systems negotiating and drafting the agreements required to form joint ventures and create foreign-held businesses and carrying out related formalities analysing and drafting all contracts and studying all specific regulations relating to the activity, such as BOT or licence or outsourced management of public services; and negotiating with government authorities and providing assistance with the conclusion of investment agreements  Monitoring the business set up in Morocco tax planning monitoring exchange control formalities company secretarial services for the entity  drawing up foreign and local employment contracts, presenting employment law rules and providing assistance before the relevant authorities; and monitoring the entity via a permanent assistance contract relating to our legal and tax services  

Our clients 

The clients of our Casablanca office are mainly large international groups from varied sectors specialising in aeronautics, car manufacturing, property, tourism, telecommunications, insurance and pharmaceuticals. We have advised: one of the French leaders in property and construction regarding building the Tanger-Méditerrannée port (250 million): negotiationassistance, legal advice, establishing legal and tax setups, legal opinions on customs and exchange control issues, forming entities one of the leading car manufacturers in France relating to the privatisation of a car assembly company in the scope of this manufacturer's large-scale industrial programme: due diligence, negotiation assistance, legal advice, drafting sale agreements one of the French leaders in telecommunications as part of the acquisition of a 16% holding in the Moroccan leader in landline and mobile telephony (1 billion) accordingly increasing this group's holding in the capital of the Moroccan operator to 51%: tax analysis of the transaction, monitoring the transaction from an exchange control perspective, legal structuring of the holding entities one of the American leaders in telecommunications in the scope of the purchase of a telecommunications company: due diligence, assistance with drafting agreements, solving tax, customs and exchange control issues a reputed worldwide tourism group with regard to the creation of the largest hotel complex in Agadir (960 beds): legal and tax assistance for the entire transaction two international property groups relating to the creation of a seaside tourist resort as part of the government's Azur programme: negotiationassistance with the State, legal and tax advice, arranging legal and tax setups, legal opinions on property, customs and exchange control issues, forming entities one of the largest French call centre groups relating to the purchase of a call centre in Rabat (more than 2,000 jobs): legal and tax due diligence, negotiation assistance; and in general, we advise Moroccan subsidiaries of large groups from varied sectors on a day-to-day basis such as construction, automotive, pharmaceuticals, IT, real estate and tourism. 

Five reasons to choose our firm

We are one of the few foreign law firms based in Morocco, which, combined with our long-standing establishment, explains our reputation and credibility. Whether you are familiar or not with the economic, cultural and legal environment of the Kingdom of Morocco, you will benefit from our solid experience of Moroccan law, practices and customs. Our expertise, which has been developed over the years and the experience gained through many successful projects on behalf of our clients, enables us to anticipate your needs.  Our capacity to work in all legal and tax areas provides the firm with the rare asset of being able to advise you on all aspects of your projects. In view of our membership of the CMS alliance of independent law firms, we can offer you in-depth knowledge of European legal systems, which enables us to advise our clients on complex transactions involving subsidiaries in various countries.

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  • take the A7 motorway and continue until it turns into the N11 main road in the direction of Casablanca;
  • once you reach Casablanca, take Boulevard Roudani and continue straight on;
  • at the junction with Boulevard Zerktouni, turn left until you reach Boulevard de la Corniche;
  • then turn left and continue for 350m until you reach the Le Yacht building.

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CMS Francis Lefebvre Maroc Conseil juridique et fiscal
Immeuble B – Résidence le Yacht
63 boulevard de la Corniche
Casablanca 20250
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