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Private clients

Advice on Moroccan wealth tax and inheritance law                                            

A favourable but complex tax framework 

A beautiful country with year-round sunshine, a developed property market, taxation that offers some advantages – it’s no wonder that Morocco appeals to many foreign investors and retirees. Tax law, however, remains inherently technical and sensitive and the complexity of asset structuring, management and transmission is constantly increasing. The Moroccan legal and tax environment is also continuously changing, including recent adjustments to foreign exchange regulations, ongoing development of a multilateral treaty for the automatic exchange of financial information... In this context of an increasing number of inspections, high added-value tax advice is more necessary than ever, in order to have complete control over your wealth management. 

Specialist support to optimise your wealth strategy 

What declarations do you need to submit? Are you compliant with tax laws and regulations – and if not, what risks do you face? What levers are there to optimise taxation on income from your wealth? What are the existing inheritance planning procedures exist? What inheritance tax do you have to pay on an estate? How can you optimise transmission of your wealth? These are all vital questions to which our experts are able to provide concrete and detailed answers, as well as recommendations. 

In a firm renowned for its excellence in tax matters, our dedicated team is made up of specialists in the various fields concerned (wealth taxation, inheritance law, corporate law and corporate taxation). It provides support in implementing your entire wealth strategy, whatever the issues at stake: 

  • Structuring and tax optimisation of your wealth, 
  • Ensuring compliant practices, tax adjustments,  
  • Transmission of family companies, 
  • Inheritance planning,  
  • Gift inter vivos,  
  • Assistance in the event of an inspection, tax pre-litigation and litigation, 
  • Etc. 

The technical know-how of our tax advisors is combined with their perfect knowledge of the field, case law and the very specific workings of the Moroccan authorities, to offer you a specialist advice, always tailored to the specific requirements of your personal and family situation and your needs. 

The support of our worldwide network of experts also allows us, where necessary, to provide you with international assistance. 

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