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The favourable Moroccan real-estate climate  

Available and attractive lands, tax incentives, a strategic location, the development of quality infrastructure, a dynamic tourism industry, the availability of a qualified workforce – all these major advantages make Morocco a great place to do business and a very popular country with foreign investors.  

However, the subtleties of Moroccan real-estate rules (including a plethora of legal statuses for the land reserve) and the complexity of regulations relating to real-estate investment and development, require support from experts at every stage of your project. With an in-depth knowledge of real-estate law and construction law in Morocco, our legal advisors work by your side to achieve your goals. 

The discipline required to meet the challenge 

The proposed procedure, the content of the various documents (particularly contracts), the type of actions and the approach to be implemented must be the subject of an extremely rigorous preparation by all participants in the project.  

Whether you are a bank, an investor or a real-estate company, a large company or an SME, a developer, an intermediary or a real-estate operator, we ensure you have an optimal understanding of the problems and challenges associated with your projects.  

Our practitioners in Moroccan real-estate law, legal experts and tax specialists are familiar with the risks and opportunities related to the specific characteristics of the market (e.g. tax and customs exemptions specific to certain free zones) and have a detailed understanding of the very specific legal and legislative framework governing tourist residences (RIPTs), co-ownership residences and hotel and tourist complexes. We are therefore able to advise and assist you in setting up and carrying out of all your real-estate projects in a very efficient manner  

Comprehensive “turnkey” assistance 

We have a vast range of specialist fields. Depending on your needs, we can assist you with: 

  • Financing and tax optimisation of your projects,  
  • Negotiation and conclusion of your investment agreements with the Moroccan State and all your contracts relating to real-estate projects (acquisition and sale, construction, real-estate leases, real-estate leasing agreements, etc.),  
  • Establishment of dedicated structures to contain and/or operate the project, 
  • Or the drafting and implementation of residential co-ownership regulations or specific regulations related to tourist or hotel complexes (including organisation of general meetings of co-owners). 

From planning to supervising implementation of your projects, via the negotiation of your agreements, the drafting of your contracts and the handling of relations with all the relevant participants (notaries, surveyors, valuers, administrative authorities, tax authorities, etc.), our legal and tax advisors will assist you with implementation of your project from the its start to its accomplishment. 

Besides our expertise and our significant experience in the field, our ability to put together multi-disciplinary teams, combining all the skills required to address each of your issues from a broad perspective, represents a crucial advantage in achieving your goals. The loyalty of our customers is the best indication of the quality of our commitment to them. 

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