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Dispute resolution

Assistance resolving your disputes in Morocco  

Alternative dispute resolution methods are increasingly popular with companies  

Numerous disputes occurring in the life of a company – civil, commercial, financial, fiscal or penal – can potentially lead to time-consuming and costly legal procedures. In orderto keep their differences confidential and save precious time, many companies operating in Morocco, whether international groups or domestic companies, now favour alternative methods of resolving their disputes – mediation or arbitration. These are subject provisions and stipulations set out in Moroccan law. 

Mediation is an amicable, non-litigious and confidential means of conflict resolution. It involves the intervention of a neutral, independent and impartial third party, trained in mediation, whose role is to help the parties reach their own negotiated solution. The mediation concludes with a settlement agreement which ends the dispute. 

Arbitration is another alternative to court proceedings. This method of settling disputes, whether internal or international, involves using one or more private individuals (arbitrators) chosen by the parties to obtain a binding decision, independently of the national courts. The updating of the legal texts relating to arbitration, designed to simplify the procedure, reinforce the legal value of judgments (especially foreign judgments) and ensure their execution, reflects the growing importance of this practice in Morocco. 

These strategic steps require support of experts that we are able to offer. Trained and highly experienced in the field of dispute resolution, our legal advisors assist you in the management and resolution of your conflicts, with a determination to avoid any litigation. 

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Array 1.1 The main legislative provisions and legal principles governing arbitration in Morocco can be found in Articles 306 to 327-54 of the Moroccan Code of Civil Procedure, as specifically amended...
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