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Advice on Moroccan insurance law

A changing legal framework  

Divided between national operators and international giants, the Moroccan insurance market is highly structured and dynamic. It plays a decisive role in the country’s economic development, notably by securing investments and the activities of the operators that drive growth. Insurance regulations are changing, expanding and becoming more complex as the market grows, under the supervision of the Insurance and Social Welfare Supervisory Authority – ACAPS – created in 2016. Whether you are an insurance operator active in Morocco, a Moroccan or a foreign client company, you are operating  in a fast moving environment requiring a complete understanding of the applicable legal and regulatory framework.  

Our legal advisors accompany insurers operating at national and international level, as well as client companies wishing to structure their insurance activities in Morocco. They are experts in insurance law and in Moroccan business law generally. 

Supporting you with the establishment of your insurance cover 

In a changing economic environment, whatever your business, insurance is decisive to managing your business risk. With a detailed understanding of your challenges and the workings of Moroccan insurance, our experts work with you to identify, prevent and manage the risks inherent in your business. They are determined to support your competitiveness by optimising your security and assist you in setting up (or updating) policies – including credit insurance, comprehensive industrial risks, liability insurance, etc. – as well as bespoke insurance arrangements.  

Helping you securing and launch your insurance business 

As a Moroccan insurance or reinsurance operator, you face multiple challenges, such as the digitalisation of the client journey, the advent of bancassurance and crowdfunding, the emergence of new risks (e.g. cybercrime and climate change) and the launch of your activities in Africa... Being familiar with the specific characteristics of your business, we are able to assist you with all of your issues and support you with the development of your projects.  

Besides matters relating strictly to Moroccan insurance law, our multi-disciplinary skills and international base enable us to provide you with a comprehensive and long-term strategic support, regardless of the size of your company or the scope of your operations.   

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