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Energy & Climate Change

Legal and tax support with the development of your energy projects in Morocco

A favourable and attractive market 

Solar, wind and hydro power – renewable energies, in general are growing rapidly in Morocco, supported by an ambitious investment programme and promoted by a proactive policy iplemented to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels and on other countries. The government will invest €40 billion by 2030 to achieve a clear objective: by that date, 52% of the Moroccan energy will be produced from renewable resources. Numerous projects are under way to achieve this ambition and this dynamic market is attracting a large number of operators. The recent discovery of major gas reserves has also created promising opportunities.  

Although the outlook is promising, the legal, fiscal and regulatory framework related to energy projects – systematically involving the Moroccan state – remains complex. Expert support is therefore required at every stage of your projects. 

Legal advisors with expertise in the energy sector 

What projects are achievable? What procedures need to be followed? What tax and customs advantages can you benefit from? What is the safest and most advantageous way to proceed? These are the vital questions to which our legal advisors can provide strategic answers. With a detailed understanding of the legal, regulatory and tax framework in place – including the Mining Code adopted in 2015 – and significant practical experience, our experts work alongside you, whatever your project and the specific skills that are required:

  • Assistance in negotiating and setting up your recognition and association contracts with the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM), 
  • Advice and assistance in the application of legislation and regulations (and monitoring changes to them), 
  • Contribution to feasibility studies and assistance with projects of all sizes (mergers, acquisitions, traditional or innovative partnerships, construction of conventional or renewable production units), 
  • Advice and assistance on national and international mergers, anti-trust law and government subsidies, 
  • Support in negotiations between licensing authorities and licence-holders (production and distribution) as well as between regulated operators and companies using infrastructures open to third parties, 
  • Legal assistance to start-ups and innovative initiatives related to normative changes, technological changes and environmental issues, 
  • Assistance with plans to change legal form in the public sector and application of privatisation laws, 
  • Optimisation of tax and employment arrangements, 
  • Support with litigation, negotiations and dispute settlement.Saut de page 

Comprehensive long-term support 

To support you as efficiently as possible with the development of these inherently complex projects, we set up a local or international multi-disciplinary team tailored to your case, drawing on our legal advisors specialising in the sector and combining all the relevant skills in public law, taxation, environmental law, competition law, business law, real-estate and construction law and employment law.  

This unique approach allows us to advise you from a global perspective, ensuring a wealth of viewpoints and a highly strategic overview. It also guarantees long-term support to promote and encourage the success of your projects. 

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