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COVID-19 | Measures to prevent domestic violence during the crisis


During this period of lockdown and health crisis, the number of cases of domestic violence has increased in many countries.

In Monaco, acts of violence and assault committed specifically in the family, against the spouse, the children, or any other person living in the same household, and more generally against any vulnerable person, are sanctioned under the provisions of Articles 238-1 and 239 of the Criminal Code.

These provisions were strengthened first by Law No 1382 of 20 July 2011 on the prevention of specific forms of violence, and then by Law No 1478 of 12 November 2019 amending certain provisions regarding penalties.

Maintaining and strengthening existing measures

To fight against acts of violence during the COVID-19 health crisis, the State services and associations maintain and reinforce the existing measures:

For all emergencies and all situations of violence

Contact the Police: dial 17 or

Filing a complaint: You may go to the Direction de la Sûreté Publique 9 rue Suffren Reymond

Criminal Court: Hearings in cases of “flagrante delicto” are handled by the magistrates on call while the courts are still closed during this period.

For victims of violence

Dial 0800.91.90.10: international toll-free number for all, free information intended to all victims of violence who are on the Monegasque territory.

Contact AVIP – "Association d'Aide aux Victimes d'Infractions Pénales" : dial 7/7 / [email protected] / www.avip-monaco.org/fr/

For social emergencies: DASO - Direction de l'Action et de l'Aide Sociales (Social Action and Assistance Department)

Every working day from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, 23 avenue Albert II: confidential and anonymous hotline and advice for persons located in Monaco.
Dial / [email protected]

For Hospital Emergencies - Princess Grace Hospital Center

Emergencies: call, all emergency services for domestic violence are maintained, no particular procedure has been put in place / 1 Avenue Pasteur Hospital

The creation of two new measures

In order to strengthen the relief and emergency mechanisms and to increase the number of contact points during the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, two new measures have been issued by the Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women's Rights:

Reporting acts of violence at the pharmacy

In cases of emergency, pharmacies in Monaco, which are nearby and easily accessible, may now welcome and assist people, and also collect their reports.

Alerting the police by e-mail

In addition to the 17 and numbers, the Police have created a specific email address: s[email protected]

This service is accessible 24 hours a day for emergencies related to violence.

Assistance to persons in danger

The social distancing measures imposed by the COVID-19 crisis should not prevent people from intervening. Anyone who witnesses acts of violence, or hears beating, screaming, crying, or a violent argument escalating, should help by calling 17.

Indeed, voluntarily refraining from assisting - whether by one’s own action or by seeking help - a person in danger, while doing so would not have entailed any risk to oneself or to third parties, constitutes an offence of omission and failure to assist a person in danger, within the meaning of Article 279 of the Criminal Code.


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