Dawn Raid lawyers

Meet our Dawn Raid team

It can also happen to you or your company: one morning, the government turns up on your doorstep. They want access to your records, they want copies of your computers, they want to ask you and your employees questions. They come at dawn, when the surprise effect is biggest: a ‘Dawn Raid’.

Such a dawn raid is often the first sign that the government is investigating you or your company. For the further course of that investigation, and the outcome of the case, the course of the visit is often crucial. Cases are won or lost depending on how you and your company respond to the unexpected company visit.

A large number of government agencies can turn up on your doorstep unannounced. CMS has a dawn raid team which is always ready for you and 24/7 accessible. It is also important that you and your employees know what they should and should not do. We recommend to have the below 10 commandments for unexpected company visit at hand. For more information please contact the members of the dawn raid team or the head of the team: Edmon Oude Elferink.

Annemieke Hazelhoff
Annemieke Hazelhoff
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Annemieke Hazelhoff is a member of the Antitrust, Competition & Trade (ACT) practice area group of our firm. She shares her time between the CMS EU Law office in Brussels and the CMS office in Amsterdam...