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With technology and digital innovation at the forefront of many advancements in the life sciences industry and healthcare delivery, companies are constantly pushing boundaries to bring products and services to both the consumer and professional market. The regulation of such e-health solutions, devices and services is however often outpaced by their novelty and innovation. At CMS, we understand the challenge this presents.

Our e-health offering spans a team of life science-focused lawyers with expertise in regulation, data protection, intellectual property, competition law, licensing and technology. Our specialists are ideally placed to work with you in a commercial and pragmatic way to identify the regulatory and legal pathways that drive your innovations forward and achieve your goals.

Our clients include life sciences manufacturers, technology/software companies, IT operators and healthcare providers. These clients leverage our expertise in regulatory matters, technology, intellectual property and other areas to deliver cutting edge digital healthcare solutions. Our capabilities cover the complete range of e-health products and services, from health apps on smartphones to AI operating implants.

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